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Marketing Services


NSM’s marketing group is unrivalled in the player representation space.  Our in-house expertise allows the firm to provide our clients with significant additional revenue derived from regional, national and international marketing and endorsement opportunities. Our network of corporate relationships and wide range of marketing expertise provides NSM clients with a major advantage in securing spokesperson roles, endorsements, and many other types of promotional assignments.


Marketing Opportunity: Brand / Product Endorsement

Case Study: Steven Stamkos & Nike

From his early days on the ice in the Toronto suburb of Markham, Ontario to his meteoric rise through the ranks of the NHL, Steven Stamkos has been a star at every level in his hockey career.  

Nike identified Steven’s star power early on, and together, the brand and the athlete have worked closely to build an incredible partnership.

Steven not only relies on Nike’s unparalleled technology for his apparel, base-layer and footwear needs, but also embraces the Nike brand in his everyday life.

Steven and Nike have truly built a partnership that goes beyond a “traditional” endorsement.

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Brand Spokesperson

Case Study: P.K. Subban and Degree

Nashville Predator, P.K. Subban, knows all about the importance of doing more in order to make it to the next level. His long list of personal and professional achievements can attest to that.

In 2014, Degree decided to take a different approach to marketing their line of antiperspirants from the classic target of “nervous sweating.” Instead they targeted consumers who live a healthy active lifestyle and challenged them to #DOMORE. It was an easy fit for P.K. because even though he has reached his lifelong dream of playing in the NHL, he has never stopped challenging himself to #DOMORE.

Naturally, Sportsnet wanted in on this powerful initiative so they partnered with P.K. and Degree to create a 30 minute special called “The Next Level.” Here P.K. shares with us all what it means to him to make it to the next level and how he has done it time and time again.

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