The premier representation and management agency of professional hockey athletes.

Athlete Services


NSM’s foremost commitment is to the long term success of its clients. This commitment begins with helping all clients realize their full professional potential.  NSM is structured to assume many important responsibilities for its clients that allow them to fully devote their time and energy to the pursuit of their career and goals: Banking services, day-to-day budgeting, accounting, insurance and tax are some of the many areas that NSM attends to on behalf of our clientele.  Beyond our direct involvement, NSM stresses the importance of education and preparation for the various stages of a player’s career.

NSM’s athlete services extend to the following, but are certainly not limited to:

Contract Negotiation

Newport Sports Management Inc. has a reputation in the hockey industry for being experienced contract negotiators. NSM’s NHL Players’ Association-registered agents have a combined 120 plus years in the field of contract negotiation and use this experience every day to secure the best possible opportunities for our clients.

The relationships, presence and reputation that have been established in the industry by NSM are unrivalled.

Financial Management

NSM offers a complete financial management program that is suited to the individual needs of each client. We work with experts within the industry, including Financial Investment Firms to bring the best financial management services to our players. Rand Simon, a Certified Financial Planner in our office, directs our overall financial management program on behalf of our clients. Rand Simon and members of our staff have developed an extensive financial program to serve the needs of all of our clients. Each financial program is structured based on the particular needs of each client.

Tax and Estate Planning

NSM recognizes the critical importance of tax and estate planning on behalf of our clientele.  Our office has experienced a very successful relationship with the accounting firm of Deloitte & Touche, who assist in the administration and needs of our clients in relation to tax and estate matters.


We work very closely with our players in relation to all matters relating to their insurance needs. Our office works with insurance industry experts throughout the world in order to ensure that our players obtain the best coverage at very competitive rates.

Training and Development

In today's game, physical conditioning and strength development are very important factors in the longevity and success of our players' careers.  As such, we work extremely hard to provide our clientele with access to top experts and up to date training methods available within the hockey industry.

Our contacts in the training and development areas of the game allow our clientele the opportunity to work with some of the best specific strength training, power skating, conditioning and development people in the hockey world.

Draft Preparation

Since its inception in 1981, NSM has represented more First Round National Hockey League Entry Draft selections than any other agency. Given this experience, our group is uniquely qualified to properly prepare our clients and their families for the NHL Entry Draft. We ensure that our clients and their families understand the draft process and are given the best possible opportunity to succeed within the process.